Activities – General Information

Between 2001 and 2005 the RRSA organised an international conference every year. Since 2005 this conference has been organised every two years, in parallel with the diversification of the association’s activities (round tables, workshops, seminars). The first three conferences were held in Bucharest, at the Bucharest University of Economic Studies. Then, universities from other cities such as Galati (South-East Region), Timisoara (West Region), Alba Iulia (Centre Region), Baia Mare (North-West Region), Cluj-Napoca (North-West Region), Suceava and Iasi (North-East Region), Piteşti (South-Muntenia Region) have been also great organisers. All conferences have proved the scientific, institutional and geographical diversity of the association as well as an important interest of foreign participants.

The latest international conference took place in November 2021 and was organised online – virtually hosted by the Bucharest University of Economic Studies – as a consequence of the uncertainties generated by the COVID-19 pandemics. It was organised in cooperation with the national sections from the South-East Europe (Bulgarian, Croatian, Greek, Turkish), responding to the ERSA and RSAI objectives of increasing the cooperation and networking between the national sections. On this occasion the Romanian RSA also celebrated its 20th anniversary.

The members of the RRSA are also active participants in the ERSA congresses, their number substantially growing after Romania’s accession to the European Union. Participations in the world congresses of the RSAI, in the ERSA and RSAI summer schools, in conferences organised by national sections can be mentioned as well.

On May 9-12, 2012 the 9th World Congress of the RSAI – “Changing Spatial Patterns in a Globalising World” – took place at Timisoara, the charming city located in the West Region of Romania. It was jointly organized by the Regional Science Association International, the Romanian Regional Science Association and the Faculty of Economics and Business Administration of the West University of Timisoara, with the large support of local authorities.

In May 2016 the Romanian RSA organised in partnership with the Bucharest University of Economic Studies the PhD Student Workshop with the support of the RSAI via the “Nurturing New Tallent” programme.

In May 2021 the Romanian RSA contributed two special sessions relevant for Romanian Regional Science to the World Congress of the RSAI and had a large participation in this congress (ranking the second in Europe – ex equo with Spain in terms of number of participants, after Italy).